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10 Things to Do When it Rains on Your Spring Break Parade

10 Things to Do When it Rains on Your Spring Break Parade

Unfortunately, the climate that makes so many Spring Break destinations such a perfect getaway also makes them prone to tropical storms.  No matter how perfectly you planned out your trip or how committed you were to the idea of getting wild on the beach every day, storms happen.  SO, what do you do when the weather is keeping you from enjoying the beach on your Spring Break? We have 5 great ideas for you to keep the party going as well as 5 ideas that give your liver a quick break! Regardless of what you choose, you will have so much fun with these ideas that you might even forget you are stuck inside! 


Keep the Party Going!

 1. Gather Friends in Your Hotel for Circle of Death

Circle of Death Drinking Game Instructions

Circle of death is the perfect game for the occasion.  All you need is beer (which you should be stocked up on already!) and a single deck of cards.  No table?  No problem!  Set up on one of the beds or just about anywhere else!  Whether you have 3 people or 10 people, Circle of Death will do the job.  Not sure how to play?  The infographic above sums up the rules, and you can reference our full instructions in this article if you have any questions!


 2. Create an Indoor Beer Olympics

With the right items, this will be a lot easier than you might think.  You should already be loaded up on beer.  You should have Solo Cups and ping-pong balls as well.  If there is a desk or table in the hotel room, you can clear it off and include Beer Ball, Civil War, and Four Corners as events. If you find the desk/table is too small, push a couple together!  You can build in head-to-head beer bong races with a Racing Beer Bong.  If you don’t have one, you can still do races by timing individual beer bongs or BiersticksFlip cup is a solid full-team option.  Get creative! You could easily make a day out of it!


3. Play Bullshit Pyramid

This is another great game requiring minimal equipment.  If you have a deck of cards and beer, you are good to go!  Bullshit Pyramid is a hilarious game for medium-large groups.  You can follow it up with Riding the Bus!  Not sure how to play?  No worries! We put full instructions together for each!


 4. Make a Drinking Game out of a Movie or TV Show

The Office

Get your creative juices flowing!  Find a movie or TV show you love on TV, and brainstorm with your friends to turn it into a drinking game.  For example, let’s say the Office is on TV.  Drink every time Jim messes with Dwight.  Take 2 drinks every time Creed makes a rare but beautiful appearance. Take 3 drinks if someone mentions Dwight’s beet farm.  Shotgun a beer if Jan shows up (not recommended for Jan-heavy seasons).  If you are struggling to come up with rules, do a Google search to see if a guide already exists! The internet is a wonderful thing.


5. Play Edward Forty-Hands

If there is a store nearby, go and grab some 40’s and duct tape for you and your friends! If you are stuck inside of a hotel room all day, you might as well make it interesting! Never played? Check out our Edward Forty-Hands guide.


Take a Recovery Day

6. Go to a Movie Theater

If you think the rain is a sign for you to give your liver a quick break, take it easy by going to see a movie with your friends!  Not only do rainy days make the best movie days, but you will have fun while resting up for your drinking shenanigans the next day.


7. Go Out to Lunch/Dinner

Pizza at Restaurant

If there is a restaurant in the area deserving of sober attendance from you and your friends, this is the perfect day to check it out.  Go out to eat, take a bunch of civilized pictures to send to (and comfort) your parents, then return to the hotel and resume your drinking binge!


8. Go Shopping (Or Window Shopping)

Need to get souvenirs for friends/family?  Now is the perfect time to do it!  You can also check out local malls or just go to Walmart and get a bunch of junk food that you don’t need.  That’s what Spring Break is all about anyways, right?


9. Have a Lazy Day Party with your Friends

Unlike a traditional party, this one consists of rounding up your friends in one of your hotel rooms, wearing sweats and hoodies, eating all kinds of junk food, and having a great time.  The having a great time part generally comes naturally with this one, but you can include movies and TV shows as well if you so choose.  Often, these are the best kind of days with or without the rain!


10. Check out a Museum or Another Local Attraction

Spring Break Rainy Day Activity

When all else fails, throw your location into TripAdvisor and see what there is to do in town!  Your mini-adventure might even end up being your favorite day of the trip! 


Time to Enjoy Yourself!

Whether you are looking to keep the party going or give your liver a break, we hope you found the perfect activity for your rainy day!  If you have a suggestion that we missed, we would love to hear it in the comments below!

As always, drink responsibly and have a blast!  We wish you great weather for the rest of your trip! 





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