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8 College Party Themes You Need to Try

8 College Party Themes You Need to Try

Whether you are planning for your fraternity, trying to throw a raging house party, or you have been invited to one of these themed parties and are wondering what to wear—this is the place for you!   This article highlights 8 outrageous party themes that are sure to result in a great time had by all! Read on, Rage on, and let us know if you think we are missing a classic by commenting below!

  1. White Trash Bash

White Trash Bash Outfit

A white trash bash is sure to be a favorite for all!  White Trash Bash Parties consist of dressing and behaving in line with “white trash” stereotypes.  This means cut-off shirts, lots of makeup, and saying stupid shit like “if anyone’s gon fuck my cousin, it’s gon be me!”  That’s right! You can get away with all of this at a white trash bash party!

What to Wear (Women):  bright high heels or boots, large hoop earrings, excessive makeup, crazy hair-dos, daisy dukes, old tanks or low-cut shirts, chewing gum, Sharpie tattoos.  *Ridiculous option*: tape a pillow to your belly and go as a pregnant woman who isn’t holding anything back

What to Wear (Men): cut-offs, old work boots, old shoes, cut-off jean shorts (how many opportunities do you have to get away with this?), drawn on tattoos (a heart with “mom” inside of it is a timeless option).

Spice it Up with Hilarious Party Props!

Give yourself a drinkable beer belly or baby belly with the BeerBelly!  The BeerBelly straps onto your stomach, can be filled with 80oz (over 6 beers) and is attached to a hose that allows you to drink it throughout the night! Check it out on Amazon!


  1. Toga Party

Could this list even be published without toga parties? Probably not.  Toga parties are cheap, timeless, and allow flexibility with the “toga” worn.  If you want to save a dollar, you can even strip the sheets off of your bed to make your toga! Toga parties have a Greek or Roman theme, and allow ladies and gents to walk around all night feeling like a regular greek goddess/god.

What to Wear (Women):  Toga made with safety-pinned bed sheet or other fabric.  You can get creative with this; we have seen two-piece togas for ladies as well as different types of fabric. 

Gold or nature-theme crowns, bracelets, etc.  (You can get creative with a headband and some ribbon or buy something pre-made).  Brown or earthy-looking sandals. 

What to Wear (Men): Toga made with safety-pinned bed sheet or other fabric.  Gold or nature-themed arm bands and crowns.  Brown sandals. 

Don't feel like making a toga?  Check out the options below!


  1. Catholic School Girl

This one is another classic.  Catholic school girl parties generally consist of ladies in classic school-girl outfits and guys dressed as teachers or even priests.  Make the night even more fun and hilarious by investing in some random props such as rulers. 

What to Wear (Women):  IF dressing as a school girl: Plaid skirt, white dress shirt, tie undershirt allowing you to tie the dress shirt like a crop top, thick glasses, ruler, long white socks, wedges or heels.

Another option is to dress as a teacher or a sexy teacher, because who says only the guys can do that?  Ideas for this include a pencil skirt, heels, dress shirt, glasses, and of course a ruler.

What to Wear (Men): If dressing as a teacher: khakis, sweater or sweater vest, dress shoes, shirt and tie

If dressing as a priest, you might need to invest in your outfit.  Otherwise, you could go for a DIY priest outfit and carry a bible around. 

Don't have an outfit?  Check out the options below!

  1. Hunt or be Hunted

Hunt or be Hunted Party

A hunt or be hunted party consists of people dressed as animals and people dressed as hunters.  More often than not, the ladies end up largely dressing as animals and the men end up dressing as hunters.  The theme sets a playful tone for the night; it is often used for date parties but works just as well for regular parties. 

What to Wear (Women):  Animal ears, face paint like an animal, cheetah-print clothing, other animal-print clothing, sandals, sneakers, heels (your feet have a lot of freedom with this one!)

If you would prefer to dress as a hunter, you can go with camo, orange vests or accessories, jeans, and boots (other shoes would work). 

What to Wear (Men): Camo shirt and/or pants, orange hat, orange vest or accessories, boots or casual shoes.

  1. Shipwrecked

A shipwrecked party has an island/Jimmy Buffet vibe to it and generally consists of everyone wearing Hawaiian shirts or sailing outfits, leis, or swimsuits and cover-ups.  If you are planning this party and very into it, you can even get some sand to place wherever your heart desires!

What to Wear (Women):  Swimsuit top with tropical maxi skirt, swimsuit with cover-up, Hawaiian shirt, leis, tropical-themed maxi dress, flip-flops

What to Wear (Men): Hawaiian shirts, shorts, swim trunks with Hawaiian shirt, sandals, sailing hat and costume

*If you are feeling particular mischievous (and dedicated to making it happen), go for a shark costume! It is sure to be a hit with this theme

  1. CEOs and Office Hoes

CEOs and Office Hoes Party

Time to dress up like a full-fledged adult (except a bit more playful).  The CEOs and Office Hoes themed party means dressing up like slick businessmen and women.   Rather than submitting paperwork, you will be getting sloppy drunk and having a great time while dressed to the nines!  You can’t really go wrong with that!

 What to Wear (Women):  Pencil skirts, blouses and/or blazers, high heels, professional hair style, accessories.  Basically, you want to dress like you just got an internship—with a little more scandal.  Don’t like the idea of being an “office hoe”?  Girl, you aren’t!! You are the CEO.

What to Wear (Men): Dress pants and nice shoes, shirt and tie, blazer.  Dress like a business professional! Undo one extra button if you are feeling like an office hoe tonight!

  1. When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up leaves the decision up to party-goers—the idea is to dress as what you want to be when you “grow up”.  You can make it a joke, or serious. Either way, this party provides endless conversation pieces and is a great way to get to know people better!  The sky is also the limit—you can choose to be anything from a rockstar to a hermit crab!

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for this one, what is your major?  What is your likely career path? What did you want to be when you were a kid?  What is the funniest thing you can think of? If all else fails, wear whatever you want and call yourself a stay-at-home mom or dad!

  1. Cowboys and Cowgirls

This one is pretty self-explanatory—bust out those country boots and put them to work!!  This simple western-themed party can be spiced up with a clutch party accessory such as the liquor holster!  Equip yourself with a brown leather holster and draw on some shots instead of a gun!

What to Wear (Women):  Cowgirl boots, daisy dukes, jeans, plaid shirt, cowgirl hat, leather jacket.

What to Wear (Men): Cowboy boots, jeans, cowboy hat, bandana around your neck, white undershirt with brown vest or jacket.  

 Party On!

We hope these themes inspired your next party!  If you think we are missing a crucial theme, let us know in the comments below!  We would also love to hear any spins you have on the themes we listed.  Have a great story about your experience with one of these themes?  Share it in the comments below!

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