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Anchor (Anchorman) Drinking Game

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Anchor (Anchorman) Drinking Game

Anchor Drinking Game: What to Expect

Anchor is a fast-paced and intense team drinking game.  It can involve quite a bit of drinking, but it is still friendly to all kinds of drinkers.  It is fairly easy to learn, and works very well either as a main event or as a quick pre-game for a large group.  So, go ahead and round up 3 of your favorite drinking friends as well as four frenemies! (or soon to be frenemies).  It’s time for some Anchor!

What You Need:

  • 8 people (2 teams of 4)
  • 1 Pitcher (approx. 60 oz)
  • 2 Glasses
  • 2 Quarters
  • Table or Counter
  • Beer

Set it Up!

The set up for anchor is fairly simple.  Players should form two teams of four.  Each team will take a long side of the table or counter, and teammates will stand side-by-side.

Anchor (Anchorman) Drinking Game Set-up

The pitcher should be filled with beer and placed at the center of the table. The first player in each team’s “line” will start with an empty glass and a quarter.  **We recommend using actual glasses. Empty Solo cups are more likely to tip over when a quarter is bounced into them.  If you do not have glasses, you can give it a try with heavier plastic cups or Solo cups!**

Bounce & Pass!

Teams will count down, and each of the players with a glass and quarter will start attempting to bounce the quarter into the glass! Only one player on each team bounces at a time, and they cannot pass the glass and quarter until they successfully bounce the quarter into the glass.

Quarters might be flying everywhere at this point—teams will want to help their players rebound the quarter after each bounce.  You may want to help out the other team if their quarter bounces over to you too; this is not required, but the other team is more likely to make rebounding hard on your team if you make it hard on theirs!

Once a player bounces the quarter into the glass, he/she passes both to the next player in the line.  Once all four players on a team have successfully bounced the quarter into the glass, they begin shooting for the pitcher!  That’s right—teammates take turns attempting to bounce the quarter into the pitcher.  This time, each player passes the quarter to the next teammate in line after a single attempt. 

Winner, Loser, Anchor!

The first team to bounce a quarter into the pitcher wins!! The losing team must drink the entire pitcher! BUT that’s not it! Each teammate on the losing team can only drink from the pitcher once.  The losing team will assign an “anchor” to drink from the pitcher last and therefore finish off whatever remains.  The anchor should generally be a pretty strong drinker.   

Once the order is decided, the first player from the losing team begins drinking from the pitcher.  As soon as the first player removes the pitcher from his/her mouth, he/she cannot drink anymore and it must be passed to the next player.  The same goes for the second player; he/she drinks as much as possible and must pass the drink after it leaves his/her lips.  Player 3 will repeat this, and player 4 (the anchor) will finish off the pitcher!

Being a solid teammate means doing your part; if you tend to take a sip of beer at a time, this might not be the game for you.  If you do not drink your share, another teammate will need to pick up the slack for you! With a 60 oz pitcher, you will likely end up with a little more than 1 beer per person if it is divided evenly.

Once the pitcher is finished, you are ready to start up a new game!  Feel free to switch up teams or even expand them! Anchor can be played with 2 teams of 5 or even 6.  The amount of beer per player will just be reduced as the teams grow larger. 

Feeling especially cruel? Allow the winning team to pick the losing team’s anchor! You can even allow them to pick the losing team’s drinking order altogether!  This might means more pressure might be placed on lighter drinkers.

Try it Out!

Anchor is an incredibly fun team drinking game! Try this one out-- we are confident it will take the party over!

As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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