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Asshole (AKA Presidents) Drinking Game

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Asshole (AKA Presidents) Drinking Game

Asshole Drinking Game: What to Expect

Asshole is a hilarious and competitive drinking card game.  It is best played with medium-large sized groups (we would recommend a minimum of 4 people).  It has somewhat of a learning curve, but is worth the patience to get the rules down and is very addictive once you have!  So, round up your drinking crew and hope you’re not going to be the asshole tonight!

What You Need:

  • 4+ people (the more the merrier)
  • Deck of Cards
  • Beer (OR Drink of choice)
  • Empty Case of Beer (Optional, but encouraged)

Set it Up!

All players should be sitting around a table or in a circle on the ground.  For the first round, someone will volunteer to shuffle and deal cards.  Cards should be distributed evenly amongst all players. Any extra cards can be set aside. Dealing will be done a little differently following the first game, but we’ll get to that later.

Game 1 Rules:

The point of the game is to get rid of all of your cards.  The higher your cards are, the easier that is to do.  Regardless of what your cards look like, you will probably want to sort your hand from low to high.  3’s will be low, and Aces will be high. Pairs can also be played at once and are higher than any single card. So, what about 2’s?  2’s are a “wild” card in Asshole.  Playing a 2 clears the deck.  Thus, you will want to hold onto your 2’s until you need them!

For the purpose of these instructions, there are 5 players in the game. The player with the 4 of Clubs (player 1) will go first in round one, and turns will be taken clockwise around the circle after this. Any cards put down need to be equal to or higher than the previous card played.

After player 1 puts the 4 of Clubs down, the player to his left (player 2) can play a 4 or higher.  Playing 2 of the same card in a row will skip the next player’s turn.  So, if player 2 puts another 4 down, player 3’s turn is skipped and it is player 4’s turn.  Player 4 can now play a 4 or higher.  If another play happens to have the 2 remaining 4’s, they can place them on the other two 4’s to “Complete the square”.  This can only be done while the first two fours have not been played on!  So, if player 4 places a 5 down immediately, the opportunity to “complete the square” is closed.  Completing the square can be done by any player at any time—they just need to have the remaining cards of a particular suit and the opportunity to place them on the table so that all four of that suite are played one after another.

If a player completes the square, the round is cleared.  The cards are placed in a discard pile, and the player who completed the square will begin the next round. 

Let’s say player 4 “completed the square” in this example.  He will probably want to lead the next round with his lowest card in order to get rid of it.  If he plays a 3, player 4 can play a 3 or higher.  The same rules apply throughout the game—two of the same card played consecutively skips the next player.  If the next player up does not have a higher card to play than the previous, they can: 1. Play a pair to beat the single card 2. Play a 2 to clear the deck and start a new round.  If neither of these options are possible, the player passes.  If all players pass and cannot beat the last card played, the round is cleared and the last person to play a card starts the next round.

Time to Claim Your Title!

The purpose is to be the first one out of cards!  The order that players run out of cards in determines their rank for the next game.  This is where things get interesting!

The first player to run out of cards is President for the next game

The second player to run out of cards is Vice President (VP) for the next game

The second-to-last player to run out of cards is Vice Asshole for the next game

The last player to run out of cards is Asshole for the next game

Everyone in between these players is a civilian in the next game

So, Who Cares if You Have a Title?

Trust us, it’s kind of a big deal.  The rules for each title are as follows:


  • Wears the asshole hat! (optional but hilarious)—this is where the empty case comes in. The asshole wears this on his/her head
  • Shuffles and Deals the Cards for the next game
  • Is drink bitch—gets refills for everyone as needed
  • Clear piles between rounds. Other players start counting at the end of the round.  Asshole takes a drink for every second it takes him to clear the cards after the round is over
  • Forced to switch 2 cards with president before next game (president’s choice)
  • Goes last in next game

Vice Asshole:

  • Can assign drinks to the asshole
  • Forced to switch a card with the VP before the next game (VP’s choice)


  • Can assign drinks to asshole & vice asshole

Vice President:

  • Can assign drinks to anyone but the president
  • Gets to pick one of the vice asshole’s cards to switch with one of his prior to the next game’s start


  • Can assign drinks to any player at any point
  • After cards are dealt, President can choose 2 of the Asshole’s cards to switch out with 2 of his


So, if you didn’t think the first game was fun, things are about to get really interesting!!

Some people play so that turn order is determined by rank—we are too lazy to remember a non-clockwise order or move around by rank.  If you’d rather not move or complicate the order, continue to play clockwise and have the person to the left of the asshole start the next game!

The same rules will apply during this game; just remember to count off drinks when a round needs to be cleared by the asshole!  Drinks can also be assigned by those with authority throughout the game.  New titles will be assigned at the end of this game based on who runs out of cards first!  Repeat as many times as your heart desires!

Cheers to You, Asshole!

That’s it for Asshole/President’s Drinking Game!  We think you and your friends will be hooked after a few rounds!

Have any questions?  Play it differently? Have a picture of your friend with an awesome asshole hat on? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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