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Beer Ball (AKA Drink Ball) Drinking Game

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Beer Ball (AKA Drink Ball) Drinking Game

This week’s drinking game is another one for the competitors! Beer Ball (also known as Drink Ball) is an active 2 vs. 2 drinking game.  It is pretty intense; we would not necessarily recommend it if you are looking for a chill night.  However, it is a perfect game for inclusion in a Beer Olympics or for a house party.  We’ll be honest, we’ve spent many a nights playing this over and over with just four people… no regrets! It was a blast every single time. 

What you need:

  • 4 people (2 teams of 2)
  • Table (Ping-pong table or another large table)
  • Ping-pong ball
  • Beer CANS

Set it Up!

Once you have figured out teams, you and your partner will stand on one end of the table while your opponents take the other end.  Each player needs an UNOPENED beer can.

Each player should place his/her beer can on the corner of the table.  There is only one ping-pong ball: feel free to roll a dice, flip a coin, fist-fight, etc. to decide who will start with the ball.  Players will take turns throwing the ball, and the order should not change throughout the game.  It is customary to alternate teams each turn (e.g. Player 1 from Team 1 throws, Player 1 from Team 2 throws, Player 2 from Team 1 throws, and Player 2 from Team 2 throws, repeat)

Game Time!

The first player up will throw the ping-pong ball at a beer can of one of his/her opponents.  The thrower’s teammate should always be paying close attention; if the thrower hits a beer can, the teammate can open his/her beer and drink until the opposing team locates the ball and says “stop” while hitting it against the table. Once this is done, it is the next player’s turn to throw.  If a thrower does not hit a can at all, nothing happens and it is the next player’s turn to throw the ball.

Players rotate turns like this, each aiming for either of the opponents’ beer cans.  Each player can only drink when his/her partner hits one of the opponent’s cans up until the opponents hit the ball on the table, so it is very important to retrieve the ball quickly when the other team is throwing at your cans.  It is also important to drink as fast as possible when your teammate hits a can.

This game can get a little tricky if you are playing in an area with a lot of other objects or people; you might want to put a “5 second rule” into place for certain scenarios.  (E.g. the ball hits a can and rolls under a couch—the thrower’s teammate is capped at 5 seconds of drinking).  This is completely optional, but can be helpful if the balls are taking too long to retrieve due to situations like this.

The objective of the game is to be the first team to finish both beers.  Once one teammate finishes a beer, he/she will be the only one throwing (to give the remaining teammate the opportunity to finish his/her beer). 

Spice it Up with Monkeyfuck

If you are feeling particularly hardcore, you can add in the “Monkeyfuck” rule.  This is optional, and can result in chugging 3 beers in a single game… so, proceed with caution.

If playing the Monkeyfuck version of the game, players must guard their beers once they are particularly low.  If a player’s beer is hit with a ping-pong ball and knocked off of the table, he/she must retrieve a brand new beer and start over.  This rule stands for all players. 

Under this version of the game, when finished with a beer, players must also say “Monkeyfuck” and crush their beer cans before the opposing team retrieves the ball.  If a player finishes a beer but does not do this in time, his/her can remains in play on the table until he/she has the opportunity to drink again and is under the risk of being knocked off. 

Again, the first team to finish both beers walks away with the W!

**Pro tip: If you are playing this version, try your best to be subtle when your beer can is almost empty.  The opposing team might strategize and attempt to knock yours over if they realize it is low.  Likewise, you and your partner might want to aim to knock an opponent’s can over if you know it is almost empty. 

Go For It!

Give this game a try! If you are new to it, we would suggest starting with the basic rules and working your way up to Monkeyfuck. 

As always, drink responsibly and have a great time!!

Have a question?  Do you play Beer Ball/Drink Ball differently or call it by another name?  Let us know by commenting below!

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