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Beer Pong Drinking Game

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Beer Pong Drinking Game

Beer Pong Drinking Game: What to Expect

Beer Pong is a classic drinking game that has maintained extreme popularity over the years.  If you have managed to avoid playing it up to this point, it’s time to change that!  Beer Pong is a 2 vs. 2 drinking game suitable for all different types of drinkers.  If you have been known to be a little competitive, beware: Beer Pong will probably be pretty addictive for you!  So, find a partner and a couple of opponents; it’s time for some BP!

What You Need:

  • 4 people (2 teams of 2)
  • Table
  • 20 Solo cups
  • 2 Ping-pong balls
  • Beer
  • 2 Water Cups/Bowls (Optional)

Set it Up! 

Beer Pong Set-Up

You and your partner will take on one end of the table, and your opponents will take the opposite end.  Each team should have 10 Solo Cups.  You will arrange the cups into a pyramid, starting with a row of 4 cups at the “base”, which will be nearest the edge of the table.  You will place a row of 3 cups in front of the 4, then a row of 2 in front of the 3, and finally 1 final cup centered in front of the row of 2.

At this point, each team will split 2 beers up between their 10 cups.  The beers should be split as evenly as possible to ensure each cup has enough to keep it grounded on the table.

The starting team will begin with the 2 ping-pong balls; if a starting team cannot be agreed upon or there is not a winner from the last game (winner starts), a player from each team can engage in “eye-to-eye” to determine the starting team.  Each player in eye-to-eye will have a ball.  Players will count to 3 together, while maintaining eye contact.  Once they reach 3, both will shoot the ball for the other team’s cups while keeping eye contact.  This is repeated until only one team makes the shot—that team will get to go first in the game.

We recommend that each team have a water cup or bowl on the side as well; you can set the balls in the water cups between throws to keep them clean.

3-2-1… Shoot!

It’s game time! The starting team should have both balls, and they are ready to shoot.  Teammates can shoot in any order (or at the same time).  The goal is to make the ball into the opponents’ cups. This is done by one of two ways:

  1. Tossing a ball directly into the cup counts for 1 cup (the team will drink it and remove it).
  2. Bouncing a ball off of the table and landing it in a cup counts for 2 cups (the team must drink and remove the cup hit and another of their choosing). **Please note that if you choose to bounce, the other team can swat your ball away from the cups after it has hit the table.  Bouncing is only recommended when the other team is not paying attention.  You will also want to be vigilant when the other team is shooting so that you can defend against any attempted bounces.

Beer Pong is NOT a rapid fire game, so only one team shoots at a time.  There is also no need to rebound; once one team takes a shot, the ball will go to the other team UNLESS both teammates make a cup.  IF both teammates make cups during the same turn, they get the balls back and throw again.  This rule applies throughout the entire game: in theory, a team could win on the first turn by getting balls back over and over until all cups are out (this has probably almost never happened, though).

Under any circumstance except for both partners making cups, team 2 will shoot once both players from team 1 have taken their shots.  These rules apply throughout the entire game.  As more cups are taken out, there are a few miscellaneous rules/things to know:

  1. Each team gets 2 re-racks (re-arranging remaining cups) of their choice. They can be used at any point, but we would recommend being conservative with them so that you don’t end up stuck with 2 “island” cups at the end of the game. (Island cups are separated from all other cups and generally much more difficult to make).  The point of a re-rack is to bring the remaining cups together so that they are easier to make.
  2. Teams can request that their current racks be straightened out at any point. Oftentimes, the table will get wet and cups will drift.  You can ask the opposing team to return the cup(s) to their initial position at any point.  However, you cannot ask them to move a cup to a new position unless you are using a re-rack.
  3. If there IS an island cup at any point (completely isolated and not touching any other cups), a player can choose to call “Island” and aim for a specific cup. If they make it, it counts as 2 cups.  If they make any other cup except for the Island cup called, it does not count and the other team gets the ball back. 
  4. If someone’s throw hits a cup and the cup falls off of the table, it counts as a cup made and is removed from play. (This is another reason to evenly split beers amongst the cups, keeping cups anchored).
  5. If the opposing team makes a cup, remove it immediately. If both teammates make the SAME exact cup, the second teammate’s shot is doubled.  So, if the second shot is a toss, it is worth 2 cups and if it is a bounce, it is worth 4 cups. The shooting team will also get the balls back since they both made cups.  Can you say game-changer?  Remove the cups immediately and you won’t have to worry about this!
  6. If a team member knocks over his/her own cup(s), it counts as cups hit and they are removed from the game. Party foul!
  7. If a random bystander knocks a team’s cups over, replace the cups (and kick that asshat out of the party!)
  8. If a player slaps away or interferes with an opponent’s non-bounce shot, it counts as a hit and a cup must be removed as a penalty. (This is within reason—if your shot was nowhere near the cups and the opponent catches it, it is not interference). 
  9. You are free to distract the opposing team while they shoot by any means you please! (Shy of getting yourself arrested if you are in a public place, of course). But really—bring back “yo momma” jokes, flash them, or ride the GD bull Happy Gilmore style! The sky is the limit!

The first team to make all cups wins the game...with some qualifiers. Both players should shoot for the last cup even if the first player to shoot makes the last cup. This could help you out due to the fact that many people play with a Rebuttal or Redemption rule.  Rebuttal/ Redemption means that once one team makes all of their cups, the other team gets one last turn to attempt making all of their remaining cups.  Gameplay rules do not change during rebuttal; the team continues to get balls back if both partners make their shots.  If the Rebuttal/Redemption team manages to reach and make the last cup, both teams engage in Overtime. **Please note that IF both members of the first team to make all cups made the last cup, the team engaging in Rebuttal also needs both teammates to make the last cup in order to reach Overtime.  If one player makes the last cup but the other misses, the Rebuttal is failed and the team wins.  

During Overtime, both teams bring 3 cups back in the rack of their choice.  Play continues as it would during a normal game.  The team that made the last cup first will go first, and the team that succeeded in Rebuttal will go second.  The same gameplay rules apply during overtime, and Rebuttal (Redemption) is allowed in overtime as well. 

You can agree to skip Redemption/Rebuttal if you’d like, but we would recommend allowing it!  It might sound like the game will never end, but overtime is rarely needed as most teams do not make all cups during Rebuttal.  It simply makes the game more competitive and provides an opportunity for a crazy comeback!

That’s all there is to it! The first team to make all cups and go unanswered in Redemption wins the game!!  If you are playing a tournament or multiple games, the winner of the previous game gets to shoot first in the next game (even if they have new opponents). 

Time for a BP Tournament!

Beer Pong Drinking Game Rules

Now that you know how to play, go trade in that Beer Pong V-card by setting up a tournament!  There is no better way to learn how to play, and we can guarantee you will have a blast! Maybe get in a few practice rounds first if you are serious about the tournament, though ;)

If you are a seasoned vet looking to settle a dispute mid-game, we hope you found what you were looking for! If you didn’t, feel free to shoot us a question in the comments below.  We will get our experts on it ASAP!

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As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!


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