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Biz (AKA Beer Die) Drinking Game

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Biz (AKA Beer Die) Drinking Game

This week’s drinking game has us back at the table!  Biz is a hilarious and moderately paced game that allows clever and coordinated players to quickly rise to the top.

The skills and knowledge that make a great Biz player tend to take a little practice, but it is fairly easy to learn in spite of that.  Prepare yourself for lots of fun, beer, and scheming with your partner!

What you need:

  • 4 players
  • A medium-sized table (small rectangular dining table or collapsible table are perfect)
  • 4 Identical cups (Solo cups can be used, but we recommend a sturdier plastic cup with narrow mouth)
  • A standard die (Dice if you’d like a back-up)

Set it Up!

Biz Beer Die Drinking Game Set-Up

Each team of two players will pick a side of the table.  Each player will take a cup, fill it with a beer, and place it near the corner of the table.

Each player will then roll the die.  The player who rolls highest goes first and his/her teammate will go third.  The player who rolled highest on the opposing team goes second, and his/her partner goes last.  Players will want to remember order.

Each player’s cup contains five drinks worth.  The game is played to five points.  BUT, never say the word Five!! For the purpose of this game, the word five does not exist.  Use “Biz” in its place.  More on that later.

We play this game standing—many play it sitting as well.  If you allow sitting, you will need chairs for those who will sit.

Let’s Go!

As we mentioned, the word “five” should not be said in this game.  If any player says the word “five”, that player and his/her teammate need to take one of their five drinks.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to haze the other team.  For example, ask one of your opponents how tall they are.  If they reply with “5’4”, the other team drinks! If they reply with “Biz’4”, better luck next time.

This means you will want to be vigilant of the other team’s attempts to make you and your partner say “five” too! Protect each other.

If a team is forced to drink five times, they should finish their cups, pour new beers, and have five new drinks ready to go.

**Drinks and points are completely separate in this game; none of the above will get you closer to winning the game (unless getting the other team drunk improves your chances) ;)

Let’s start with the actual gameplay.  The first player to throw will take the die.  He will aim for one of the opposing team’s cups.  His hand must extend over his head when he throws the die.  If a player fails to do this, the throw doesn’t count and he/she gets another attempt.

If a player “cups” another player (die lands inside of the beer cup), the player who is cupped gets five minutes to finish and refill their beer.  No points are assigned for this and it is much more difficult than it sounds.

If the die is thrown and hits a cup, both players on the opposing team are free to rebound.  A rebounded die can only be caught with ONE hand.  If a player uses both hands or his/her body to catch the die, the catch doesn’t count and the opposing team gets a point.

If a thrown die hits the cup and then the table, it is dead and no points are awarded (even if it rolls onto the ground from the table).  If a thrown die hits the cup and is caught before hitting the ground, no points are awarded. If a thrown die hits the cup and falls to the ground, the throwing team earns a point.  The first team to reach 5 points wins the game.

Each player takes a turn throwing in the order determined at the start of the game.  Gameplay continues until one of the teams reaches 5 points.  Again, when a player is “cupped”, gameplay pauses for up to five minutes while they finish and refill their drink.

A way to make this game even more competitive and exciting is to keep track of all players’ lifetime “cups” (throwing the die into an opponent’s cup).  Cups are tough to get, and this can be somewhat of a competition in itself.  I once played at a fraternity that would play on an old wooden table and people would keep their “cup” tallies with a sharpie on the underside of that same table.  Not necessary, but it is pretty fun! Wouldn’t recommend doing this with your parents’ dining table.

Try it Out!

Biz/Beer Die is a unique game.  It is definitely possible to win and lose at the same time—the team that wins sometimes has to drink 4x as much as the losing team throughout the course of the game!

We recommend having fun with trying to make the other team say “five”.  You can often make new players drink for saying “five” all game long!  You also might condition yourself to say “Biz” instead of five in real-life scenarios where it makes no sense… we have been guilty of that!

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Have any questions? Have you played Biz/Beer Die differently?  Have a great story or addition to the game you would like to share? Let us know by commenting below! We hope you have a great time with this one! As always, please drink responsibly!

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