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Cheers Governor Drinking Game

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Cheers Governor Drinking Game

Cheers Governor Drinking Game: What to Expect

Cheers Governor is a great game made even better by its flexibility and simplicity!  It requires minimal equipment, and can be played with just a couple people or with a huge group of people.  The course of the game is determined by its players, so it almost always gets pretty interesting!  Put on your thinking cap, round up some friends, and let’s get to it!

What You Need:

  • 2+ people (4+ Ideal, & the more, the merrier!)
  • Beer/Drinks of choice

Set it Up!

The set up for this one is minimal.  Basically, each player needs a drink.  Ideally, players will be gathered in a circle or at least in a formation that allows for easily counting off numbers in a row.  That’s it!

Get Counting!

To start the game, a player will begin counting by saying “one”.  The next player in the circle will say “2”, the third will say “3”, and so on.  The counting continues until someone says 21.  At this point, all players will raise their drinks, yell “Cheers Governor!”, and take a drink.  After this, the person who counted off “21” will introduce a new rule.  The rule should be tied to a number below 21.  The sky is the limit as long as the other players agree! For example, the new rule could be that whoever would be responsible for counting “7” will now drink instead.  It could also be that whoever counts “10” should name an NFL team that hasn’t been named yet instead.  Once a rule is agreed upon, the next player in the circle begins counting at “1” again.

If a player messes up on a rule, they must drink and the next player in the circle will start the counting from the beginning at “1”. Each time the group reaches 21, the player who counted it off introduces a new rule and the counting resets.   As more rules are introduced, the game gets more interesting and complicated! 

Get Creative!

Think outside of the box when it is your turn to come up with rules!  Each number can be replaced with a rule, so there should be plenty of opportunities!  Struggling to come up with them?  Use the following ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Players must grab their chests instead of counting “5”
  • “20” should be counted twice, each time by a different player
  • Instead of counting “1”, players must come up with a gesture or dance move that has not yet been used
  • Players say “fuck” instead of “6”
  • Instead of counting “15”, the responsible player assigns another player a drink
  • Instead of counting “12”, players remove an article of clothing

These are just a few ideas!  Obviously, you can make your rules as tame or as racy as you are comfortable with. You call the shots when you count off 21!  You can even target a specific player if you are feeling particularly playful—for example, “Elizabeth drinks when ‘17’ is counted”.  Nothing spices up a game like a little playful flirtation!

Game Over?

Cheers Governor can be played until every single number has a rule!  Realistically, that can be pretty difficult with a large group of tipsy players.  If you have enough rules that everyone is forgetting them and you cannot get past the number “10”, it might be best to start the game over with a clean slate!  Generally, it will be pretty apparent and all players will agree when a game should be started over.  If you do make it all the way until all numbers have an assigned rule, your group is quite possibly super-human!  Cheers to you! (And, of course, the Governor).  Repeat the game as many times as everyone would like to play for.

Try it Out!

That’s it for this one!  Cheers Governor is so flexible that you can pretty much play it anywhere you have a group and beverages.  Give it a try!

Have any questions?  Did you come up with the greatest rule ever? Share it in the comments below!

As always, have a great time and please drink responsibly!

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