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Civil War Drinking Game

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Civil War Drinking Game

This week’s featured game is one of our all-time favorites!  Civil War is arguably the best 3v3 drinking game there ever was.  It is a fast-paced game that is sure to bring out your competitive side and foster some serious bonding between you and your teammates! Let the Civil War begin!

What you need:

  • a ping-pong table or another large table
  • 36 cups for gameplay
  • 4 ping pong balls
  • 6-12 Beers per game depending on how long you want your night to be (1-2 beers per 6-cup rack)
  • Recommended: 2-4 water cups or bowls to keep the ping-pong balls clean

Set it Up!

Each team will take a side of the table, and each person will set up a 6-cup pyramid rack in front of them (the “point” of the pyramid will face the opposite team as with beer pong).  Each 6-cup rack should contain 1-2 evenly distributed beers.  You will end with 3 side-by-side 6-cup pyramids on either end of the table.

Civil War Drinking Game Set Up

*Note: If you are a germophobe, feel free to use water in your cups.  Most would say it is more fun to use beer, but you can always drink your beer on the side for each cup hit!

Let’s Play!

Each team will start with 2 balls.  Rapid fire begins once your countdown is complete/airhorn blows/you name it! Balls are free to be rebounded by either team, so be on your toes! If the other team’s ball bounces off of your cup & they beat you to the rebound, they get the ball back.

Once a cup of yours is made, you must drink the entire cup before you return to play.  However, it is a rapid-fire game, so you can pass the ball off to a partner who can play immediately (assuming a cup of theirs has not been hit). Once you finish the cup that was hit, place empty cup off to the side and return to play.

*Two balls one cup: if a cup of yours is hit twice before you are able to remove it from the table, you must drink THREE cups.  Some play by the rule that a player is completely eliminated if the other team sinks two balls in one cup.  You can decide which rule you prefer, but regardless you will want to remove your cup from the table as soon as someone sinks it to avoid this game-changer.

Once all of one player’s cups have been hit, they can no longer shoot the ball.  They can still rebound, but cannot shoot at the other team’s cups.  This tends to make teams strategize to take out the strongest shooters first.

The first team to hit all of the opposing team’s cups wins.  Typical rule of thumb is that the losing team must drinking the winning team’s remaining beer.  Obviously, that can mean up to 4 beers worth for one person in a game; please drink responsibly and don’t be afraid to use less beer or use water cups if this game sneaks up on you!

Share Your Experience!

That’s it! Give this classic a try and let us know what you think!  If you know this by another name or play it with different rules, we would love to hear about it!  Also feel free to share if you put a creative spin on it that we all might enjoy.  At any rate, we hope you love the Civil War drinking game as much as we do.

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