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Connections Drinking Game

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Connections Drinking Game

This week’s drinking game is not for the faint of heart!  Connections is a hilarious card game intended for large groups. It is best played towards the beginning of the night as it requires some focus and can result in heavy drinking!  It is great for pre-gaming or nights hanging around the house with friends.  It is also a very easy game to learn, which makes it a clutch icebreaker to start the night!  Grab some friends to connect with (pun intended) and get ready to drink!

What You Need:

  • 4+ people (groups of 6+ ideal—smaller groups will result in more drinking)
  • Beer/beverage for each player
  • Deck of cards

Set it Up!

The set up for this one is about as easy as it gets.  Your group will simply sit or stand around a table/counter to form a circle.  Someone will shuffle and deal out the cards.  Cards should be evenly distributed between players.  So, if you have 6 players each player will have 8 or 9 cards.  Don’t sweat it if some players have an extra card—it will be apparent at the end of the game. 

Player should NOT look at their cards at any point.  Each player’s cards should be stacked in a face-down deck.  Each player should have a drink as well.

Game Time!

To start the game, the dealer will flip his/her first card.  Players will take turns flipping one card at a time in the circle formed.  Turns should rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise; the direction and order of turns should not be changed throughout the game. 

Once the second player in the rotation has flipped a card, we will evaluate whether he/she “connects” with the first player.  If the second player’s card is the same suit OR face value as the first player’s, they connect.  So, if both players flipped Spades, each “connected” player will drink for the face value of his/her card. 

When players connect, they must begin drinking at the same time.  Once they begin drinking, the remaining players will take turns counting off the drinks.  For example, if we have 6 players here and only players 1 and 2 connect, player 3 will say “1”, player 4 will say “2”, player 5 will say “3”, player 6 will say “4”, player 3 will say “5”, etc.  The non-drinking/unconnected players will count up to the highest face value involved in the connection.  So, if player 1 has a 5 of Spades and player 2 has a Queen of Spades, the unconnected players will count up to 12.  Player 1 will stop drinking once the counters reach “5”, but player 2 must continue to drink until they reach “12”.

This is where the game requires focus, and also where it gets fun and mischievous.  Counters need to pay attention to ensure they are ready to count when it is their turn in the rotation.  Counters also have the option to intentionally stall to make someone drink longer.  For example, if the counter responsible for saying “12” wants to make player 2 drink longer, they are free to be a shithead and wait a few seconds before saying it. 

Once players finish drinking, player 3 will flip his/her card.  If he/she connects to player 2, there will be drinking.  For example, if player 3 flips a Queen, he connects to player 2 and player 2 connects to player 1! This means player 1 would drink to 5 again while players 2 and 3 drink to 12.  All players would also drink the face value of their cards if player 3 were to flip a Spade.  Non-drinkers will always do the counting.  If player 3 does not connect at all, nothing happens and player 4 will flip over a card.  This process continues until all players have flipped cards.

Once the final player flips a card, things get a bit more complicated.  All players will have a card on the table at this point, so all cards flipped can connect with either the card to the left OR the right of the flipper.  Still, connections only exist if the card matches the face value of a card directly next to it.

Connections should be thought of as links in a chain; one card can continue to “connect” down the chain if face value or suit matches the card next to it, but once a card does NOT connect, the link is broken and additional cards cannot connect/link.  For example, please refer to the graphic below.

Connections Drinking Game Example

Connections begin with the person who flipped the card.  They can continue in either direction, but once the connection is broken it cannot be “restarted”.  This is why the 3 top cards in the example would not be included in the connection.

Players continue to flip cards and drink for each connection until a player runs out of cards.  If all players connect on any given turn, it is a “Social” and everyone takes a drink. 

Try it Out!

It might sound a little complicated, but after a round or two Connections will be second-nature!  Its playful nature and simplicity make it perfect for getting the party started!

Play connections at your next pregame and let us know what you think!  Have any questions?  Submit them in the comments below!  As always, drink responsibly and have a great time with this one!

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