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Flip Cup (AKA Flippy) Drinking Game

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Flip Cup (AKA Flippy) Drinking Game

This week’s drinking game is a competitive and fast-paced team game loved by all.  Flip cup (also known as Flippy or Flippy Cup) is generally played at a long table with two even teams of approx. 5 people.  It can be played with a minimum of 3 players per team, and the maximum number of players is determined only by the size of the table(s).  Flip cup is perfect for pregaming with large groups; it often ends up being a main event as well!  Gather your most coordinated friends and let’s get at it!

What You Need:

  • 6+ people (you will form two even teams of 3+)
  • Beer or drink of choice
  • Solo Cup for each player
  • Table

Set it Up!

Each team will stand side-by-side on one side of the table.  So, each player should be squared up with an opponent on the opposite side of the table.  Each player should have a Solo cup in front of them; they will fill this cup with a small amount of beer (or another beverage) prior to starting the game. 

Generally speaking, the amount of beer/beverage in each player’s cup is left up to that player.  Having said that, it should be kept fairly consistent amongst players in order to keep the game fair.   Flip cup is a fast-paced game that can be played over and over, so we recommend using between 1/8 and ¼ of a beer per game.  Once each player is across from an opponent with beer in his/her cup, we are ready to roll!

Flip Cup Drinking Game Set-Up

Game Time!

The first player in the “line” each team has formed will start the game.  The starting player can be at either end of the table, but the opposing team must start with that player’s “match” (the player directly across the table from him/her). 

To begin the game, the first player from each team will engage in a mini-ritual.  These players will raise their drinks and touch cups, touch the cup to the table, then immediately lift and chug it.  This ceremonial start makes the game even more official and ensures each team will start at the same time.

Once a starter finishes his/her beer, they will set the cup on the edge of the table.  Slightly less than half of the bottom of the cup should be hanging over the edge of the table for the player to “flip” with one hand.  The player must flip the cup in this manner until it lands steadily upside-down (so, the mouth of the cup is flat on the table and the bottom of the cup is in the air).  Sometimes players achieve this on the first flip, and sometimes it takes 10+ attempts.

Once the first player successfully flips the cup, the next player in line chugs his/her beer and attempts to flip the cup.  This process continues for the entire team.  So, only one player from each team is active at a time, and the next player cannot start until the previous player is done.  The first team to move through the line and chug/flip all beers WINS the round!

Once a round is complete, the “starter” shifts by one position and the game starts over again.  If teams seem to be unbalanced after a few rounds, players can be shifted between teams.  Additional players can also be added each round with ease; separate tables can be used to create a massive game of flip cup if desired.

Give it a Try! 

That’s all there is to this one!  Flip Cup is a great game for large groups; it is sure to foster some team bonding as well as friendly competition! 

Have a question?  Play Flip Cup differently?  Let us know in the comments below!

As always, please drink responsibly and enjoy the game!!

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