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Four Corners Drinking Game

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Four Corners Drinking Game

Four Corners Drinking Game: What to Expect

This week’s drinking game will have you back on your feet! Four corners is an active and competitive 2 vs. 2 drinking game, and it can get a little messy if you are not careful.  Having said that, it is another one of our favorites! It is just not for the faint of heart.  So, if you are up for the challenge, grab your favorite drinking game partner and put your party shoes on—let’s do this!

Four Corners Drinking Game Rules

What you need:

  • Four players (2 teams of 2)
  • Table (smaller rectangular table recommended—ping-pong table is feasible but will be tougher)
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • 4 cups for gameplay (slightly heavier plastic cup recommended as opposed to Solo cups)
  • 2 bowls of water (to keep ping-pong balls clean)
  • 4 beers per game (1 per cup)

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Set it Up!

Each team will take a side of the table, and each player will take one of the four cups.  Each player should fill his/her cup with beer, and place it on one of the four corners of the table.

The water bowls should be placed on either end of the table between the cups so that each team has easy access to a water bowl.  Place a ping-pong ball in each of the bowls.

We are all set! You should be next to your partner on one end of the table with the opposing team across from you.

Let’s Play!

Each team starts with one ball, which we placed in the water bowls.  Either partner on each team may take the first shot, and both teams will count down to rapid fire.  Once the count-down is over, rapid fire begins! Teammates with the ball will aim for either of the opposing team’s cups.

BUT WAIT! You should know that you need to be ready to REBOUND!! Each player’s cup is worth 8 drinks.  If an opponent hits the rim of your cup and your team allows the ball to hit the ground afterwards, you must take one drink and are down to 7 drinks.  However, IF you or your partner catch the “rimmed” ball before it hits the ground, the ball is in play and no drinks are assigned. The ball is also considered dead if it hits the table after rimming your cup.

If an opponent makes their ball into your cup, it is worth 2 drinks.

When a cup is on its assigned corner, it is in play.  If your cup is hit (rimmed or ball-in-cup), you should IMMEDIATELY push your cup towards the center and off of the corner to take it out of play.  If you are hit and leave your cup in play before taking the necessary drinks, any additional hits against you result in DOUBLE the drinks!! For example, if an opponent rims your cup and the ball hits the ground, you owe one drink.  If another opponent sinks your cup before you move it, it is worth 4 points! (So, the two offenses would be worth a total of 5).  If you move your cup off of the corner immediately after getting hit the first time, it is out of play and no one can hit it.  However, you must take the drinks you owe and move it back to the corner before resuming play.

Each player must track the number of drinks left in his/her cup throughout the game.  Once a player is down to zero drinks, they can no longer “shoot” against the other team.  However, they are still able to help their partner rebound once they have finished their drink.  So, any player who is taken out of the game should finish their beer quickly in order to help their partner rebound.

At any point, players can set ping-pong balls in their water bowls.  This is helpful if you are attempting to rebound two shots back-to-back.  The balls are safe here and cannot be taken by the other team.  Just about anything else is fair game for the other team to steal, but players cannot run past the middle of the table.  (Most people allow standing near the middle and swatting the ball back to your team).

The objective of the game is to be the last team standing.  Once both players on a team are down to 0 drinks, that team has lost. 

Try it Out!

That’s all there is to it! Again, this is a very active game.  This will be a quick favorite for all of you competitors out there!

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Have any questions?  Do you play it differently? Let us know by commenting below! If you try this one out, we would love to hear about it! As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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