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King’s Cup Drinking Game

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King’s Cup Drinking Game

King’s Cup Drinking Game: What to Expect

This week’s drinking game is a hilarious card game that works perfectly for large groups of people.  King’s Cup is a fairly simple game once you have card rules down, and that’s where we come in!  It is also pretty flexible, with minimal equipment needed and the ability to play just about anywhere.  If you do not have a cup, no worries!  You can opt for Circle of Death, a variation that only requires cans of beer.  So, time to assemble your favorite drinking team and get ready to have a great time!  Let’s play some King’s Cup! 

What you need:

  • 3+ people (the more, the merrier!)
  • A large cup
  • Beer
  • Deck of cards

Set Up the King’s Cup!

Players should be seated around a table or in a circle on the floor with the cup placed in the middle of the table/circle.  Each player should also have a beer to start the game.

Someone will shuffle the deck of cards, and then place all of the cards face-down in a circle around the cup on the table.  The circle of cards should not have any breaks in it! (That is, each card should be touching another card to form a complete circle around the beer can).

King's Cup Set-Up

King's Cup Rules

Players will take turns picking up a single card from the circle around the cup.  Each card represents a rule, which will be carried out before the next player picks up a card.  The rule for each card is as follows:

2- “You”.  The player who picks up the card gives out 2 drinks

3- “Me”.  The player who picks up the card takes 3 drinks

4- “Whores”.  All of the women at the table drink

5- “Jive”. The player who picked up the card does a dance move.  The next player in the circle repeats the first dance move and adds on their own move.  The third player does the first two dance moves and adds their own.  This continues until someone makes a mistake or cannot remember the dance moves.  The player who messes up drinks. 

6- “Dicks”. All of the men at the table drink

7- “Heaven”. Players throw their hands up in the air! The last player to raise their hands loses and drinks.

8- “Date”. The player who picks the card chooses a “date”.  This date will drink whenever the player who chose them drinks, and vice versa.  If this card comes up again, a group can be formed by picking existing “dates”, or a new date can be chosen.  You and your date(s) are in it together!

9- “Rhyme”. The player who picks the card says a word, and the next player in the circle must rhyme with it.  This continues until a player repeats a word or fails to rhyme. 

10- “Category”.  The player who picks the card names a Category (e.g. NFL teams), and then states something that fits into the category.  The next person states another thing in that category.  This continues until someone repeats another player’s answer or is unable to think of a correct answer

J- “Thumb Master”. The player who picks this card becomes Thumb Master.  This means they can place their thumb on the table at any point.  The last player to pick up on it and place their thumb on the table has to drink.  The Thumb Master can do this at any point until another player draws a Jack and becomes the new Thumb Master

Q- “Question Master”. The player who picks up this card becomes Question Master.  If they ask another player a question, the player must answer with another question.  If the Question Master asks someone a question and they respond with anything except another question, they must drink.  The Question Master can ask as many questions as they want until another player picks up a Queen and becomes the new Question Master.

K-Rule”.  The player who picks up this card creates a rule, which lasts for the remainder of the game.  For example, a player can make a rule that requires each person to grab their chest before drinking.  If a player fails to do this, they must take an extra drink.  When another player gets a rule card, they can make a new rule, and both rules will be in play.  Violating a rule at any point requires drinking.

What is the King’s Cup all About?

**The first 3 players to pick up a King must also pour some of their drink into the middle cup.  After a third King is picked up, the cup in the middle of the table should have a full beer in it.

The player who picks up the fourth King must drink the entire cup.  This typically signifies the end of the game (and this player “losing”).  However, you can also choose to play out the game with the remaining cards if desired.

A- “Waterfall”. All players will drink, starting with the player who picked up the card.  Once all players are drinking, the first player can stop drinking.  Once the first player stops drinking, the second person can stop drinking.  Once the second person stops, the third can stop, etc.

Additional Notes: Breaking the Circle, My Way, & More!

So, one card is played at a time.  Once the first player’s card is played, he/she will discard the card unless it is a J, Q, or K.  If it is a J or Q, the player will hold onto the card until they are no longer the Thumb Master or Question Master.  If it is a King, the player should hold onto it for the remainder of the game to make it easier to keep track of the number of Kings pulled.

Players take turns in this manner until all cards have been played.  Be cautious while picking cards from the circle; if a player breaks the circle, he/she must drink. 

Assigned drinks can be split up amongst multiple players or given to a single player. 

Many of the cards have actions that go around the circle.  Some people play so that the actions move in the same direction as turns (i.e. if turns are taken clockwise, action cards move through the group clockwise).  However, some people play “My way” rules.  This means when a card that goes around the circle is picked up, the first person to yell “My way” determines the direction of the play.  For example, if someone picks up an Ace and the person to the left of him yells “My way”, the Waterfall moves counter-clockwise and the person who called “my way” will go sooner.   Anyone can call “my way”. 

Go for it!

Give this one a try!  King’s Cup is a highly social and hilarious game, which makes it perfect to play with large groups.  Whether you are playing with old friends or a new crew, this one will not disappoint!

Do you play with different rules or call King’s Cup by another name?  Have a question? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, drink responsibly and have a great time!

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