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Moose Drinking Game

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Moose Drinking Game

This week’s drinking game is a riot! Moose is a hilarious and interactive drinking game that can be played with large groups.  It is generally played while sitting at a table, is easy to learn, and is ideal for drinkers of all breeds. “Losing” in Moose can be a little unforgiving, so make sure you pay attention to the rules!  Prepare yourself to drink a special kind of cocktail just in case…


What you need:

  • 2+ people (your table size is the only limit! Get cozy with your neighbors!)
  • Table & chairs
  • Quarter
  • Bowl (approx. cereal bowl size)
  • Ice Tray
  • Drink of choice for each player

Moose Drinking Game Rules

Set it Up!

Place the bowl at the center of the table… here is the fun part! Everyone participating in the game pours a small amount of their drink in the bowl.  You should end up with a bowl of death! (Something like beer + Mike’s hard + Vodka tonic + bad decisions)  Just kidding, the bad decisions come free if you drink this!

Now, we will place the end of the ice tray on the edge of the bowl (so it creates a kind of “staircase” into the bowl).  The ice tray will be rotated to face each player as turns rotate.


Game Time!

With the ice tray facing towards them, the first player to go will bounce the quarter into the ice tray.  The left side of the ice tray is “give”, and the right side of the ice tray is “take”.  Each slot is worth an extra drink as you get farther up the ice tray and farther away from the player.  For example, if I bounce my quarter into the second-to-top/7th ice cube slot on the left side, I will give out 7 drinks to players of my choosing (they can be split up).  Likewise, if I bounce my quarter into the third slot from the bottom on the right side, I must take 3 drinks. 

If you miss the tray entirely… better luck next time!

Players take turns bouncing quarters into the ice tray and assign drinks in this manner UNTIL… a player bounces the quarter into the actual bowl.

Once a quarter lands in the bowl, everyone must raise their hands above their head like antlers and yell out “MOOSE!”  The last player to do this must drink the delicious cocktail in the bowl. (Be careful not to drink the quarter itself!) Pay attention to the other players when the quarter lands in the bowl—general consensus of who was last to “Moose” determines who will drink the bowl. 

Once the “losing” player has finished the bowl, the quarter is removed and each player contributes a small amount of his/her drink once again to fill the bowl.  Play continues with the same rules!


Try it Out!

That’s all there is to this one! There isn’t technically a way to “win” this game, so it might not be a favorite for all of you extreme competitors out there.  It is, however, a hilarious (and slightly disgusting) game with no end until you say it ends!  This makes it a perfect game for breaking the ice with large groups.  It is a highly social game and will often have you choosing to play it all night (or at least until the mixed drinks start to get to ya!)

SO, what are you waiting for?? Give it a try! Have any questions?  Want to share your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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