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Power Hour Drinking Game

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Power Hour Drinking Game

Power Hour Drinking Game: What to Expect

Power Hours are arguably the most classic way to pregame a party or event.  They are very flexible, and can be just as much fun with a group of 2 as with a group of 10!  If you haven’t experienced one yet, it’s time for us to change that!

Since they require minimal equipment, power hours also make the perfect dorm room pregame.  Gather your favorite drinking crew, take a lap to make room for lots of beer, and let’s get at it!

What You Need:

  • 2+ people (the more the merrier)
  • Shot glass for each person
  • 6 beers for each person
  • Access to the internet and a cell phone or computer

Set it Up!

So, there is not much in the way of physical set up.  Each participant should have a beer, a shot glass, and quick access to additional beers.  No particular formation is needed for a power hour—go ahead and get comfortable!  Each person will fill his/her shot glass with beer prior to the official start of the Power Hour.

*The remainder of this section is in regards to selecting a power hour playlist or timer.  Feel free to skip it and pull up the first video you find for “power hour playlist” if you are not interested in recommendations.*

While you can use a timer, set an alarm to go off each minute for an hour, or manually change songs at each minute mark, we highly recommend pulling up a power hour playlist on an available phone or computer.  Not only will you get to listen to great music, but a virtual DJ will handle the complicated part of the power hour for you!

You can pull up a million playlists by simply Googling or searching Youtube for “power hour playlist”—feel free to take your pick.  Personally, we recommend going with a throwback playlist!  Power hours are perfect for chilling & getting to know friends better, and what better way is there to do that than bonding over some jams from your childhood or teen years?! 

If you are looking for some recommendations, we are big fans of 90’s and 2000’s mixes.  If you’d dig that, check out the links below:



Again, these are just a couple of our favorites.  The sky is the limit!

If you’re not a fan, search for a power hour playlist with current hits or your favorite genre!  Just make sure you click on a full hour video or are prepared to click continuation videos if you select one that is broken into several parts.  Don’t want to break the power hour flow!

Once you have selected a power hour playlist/timer, we are ready to go!

Press play and drink!

Once each participant has a shot glass filled with beer, go ahead and press play on your playlist!  Once the first song on the playlist begins, participants should drink their beer-filled shot glasses.  Congrats, you have survived round 1!

Each round is 1 minute, and the song will change after that minute is over.  Participants have the remainder of minute 1 to fill their shot glasses with beer again and chill.  The song will change once minute two begins, and participants will take their second shot of beer! This continues throughout the hour!  The idea is to take a shot of beer every minute for one hour.  If you pulled up a playlist, you will simply listen for each song change.  If your group opted to handle the power hour manually, you will either need someone to watch the clock and change the song each minute or to announce the start of each new minute. 

If you are worried that you won’t be able to handle so much beer or feel yourself getting tipsy, no worries! You can always “scale back” to taking a shot of beer every other minute or as often as you are comfortable with.  If you do choose to take a shot each minute, it will amount to approximately 6 beers total. 

At any rate, that’s all there is to a Power Hour! Lots of drinking & chilling—it truly makes for a perfect pregame!

If someone isn’t a big fan of beer or does not have beer, it is fine to use a substitute.  Just be mindful of the differences in the strength of the alcohol—a power hour with wine might be the end of your night!  If you are using a stronger drink than beer, you might want to opt for every-other minute or even less.  Same goes for using a stronger beer—Steel Reserve is not recommended for this one!

Proceed to Party!

Whether you are pregaming for a party or just chilling with close friends, a Power Hour is sure to get the night started!  We hope you enjoy this classic as much as we do!

Have any questions?  Know an awesome Power Hour Playlist?  Share it in the comments below! 

As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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