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Pyramid Drinking Game (AKA Bullshit Pyramid)

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Pyramid Drinking Game (AKA Bullshit Pyramid)

Pyramid Drinking Game (AKA Bullshit Pyramid):

This week’s featured drinking game is a fantastic card game to play with a medium-large sized group.  Pyramid Drinking Game’s playful and deceptive nature is sure to give you some new friends (and probably enemies!) This game also requires minimal equipment. 

Bullshit Pyramid Drinking Game Rules

What you need:

  • Deck of Cards
  • Drink of choice for participants (beer is the usual)
  • 4+ players

Set it Up!

Pyramid Drinking Game Set-Up

Assign a dealer to shuffle the card deck (dealer can change each game by rotating counter-clockwise, or you can be a jerk and assign it to the loser each time).

Create a pyramid of face-down cards.  The base of the pyramid should have 5 or 6 cards (We recommend using 6 cards unless you have a very large group playing). Either way, each level should have 1 card less than the row below it.  For example, if you use a base of 6 cards, the rows from bottom-up should be 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Deal out 4 face-down cards to each player.  Players are not allowed to look at their cards until all cards have been dealt and the dealer announces it is time to look at cards.  Players who look at their cards early must take a drink.

Once each player has 4 cards, the dealer will announce that everyone should look at their cards.  Each player must memorize the number or face of each of his or her cards. After a short time, players must place all cards face-down and are not allowed to look at them if any card value is forgotten. **We recommend placing your cards face-down in an order that is easier to remember as you may have to prove that you have a particular card later in the game.  For example, if you have a 7, two Jacks, and a 4, we recommend placing them face-down as 4-7-J-J in front of you so it is easier to remember which is which.

Once all players have placed their cards face-down, the dealer will flip the first card on the bottom row of the pyramid to reveal its face.  Any player who has the number or face shown can assign a drink to another player.  Anyone may also choose to “bluff” that they have the card and assign a drink. However, the individual who is assigned drinks may call the bluff by saying “BULLSHIT” and force the assigner to reveal the card they claimed they have.  If the assigner does in fact have the card, the drinker must drink double (2 drinks in this case).  If the assigner does NOT have the card or flips and reveals the WRONG card, he or she must drink double the assigned drinks (2 drinks in this case), and the original drinker does not have to drink.

When a player must flip and reveal a card, the revealed card should be discarded and the player should be dealt a new card from the deck.  They will look at the new card and place it face-down with their other cards.

Once a card has been closed out, the next card on the base row will be flipped.  The same rules apply to this card and all remaining cards on the base row.

Once all cards on the base row have been flipped, the dealer should move up to the second row.  All rules apply to this row, EXCEPT cards in this row start with a value of 2 drinks.  So, if a bullshitter (bluffer) is called out or a drinker is proven wrong when calling bullshit, 4 drinks must be taken.

As the level of the pyramid rises, 1 more drink is assigned to each card in the row.  So, base level cards are worth 1 drink, level 2 is worth 2 drinks, level 3 is worth 3 drinks, etc.

The base level of drinks is doubled whenever someone calls “Bullshit”.  So, if someone bluffs on the final card in the pyramid and bullshit is called, the bluffer must take a whopping 12 drinks! Most play this card as an entire beer.

At the end of the game, each player must name the value of each of their cards in order and flip the cards over to prove it.  Any player who does not correctly remember their cards must either take a drink or (if you are a true savage), ride the bus.  Riding the bus is a painful punishment that requires even more drinking.  Never done it before? Click here to learn how to!

Time to Play!

That’s it for this one.  It is a bit to learn at first, but you will never forget it once you have played once or twice.  Bullshit Pyramid usually results in making a new enemy who seems to magically have every single card flipped and assigns the drinks to you.  But, maybe you will get lucky and you’ll be that wizard!

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We hope you love this one as much as we do!! Have any questions or want to share a story about playing this game? We would love to hear it! Go ahead and comment below.



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