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Slap Cup (AKA Smack a Bitch) Drinking Game

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Slap Cup (AKA Smack a Bitch) Drinking Game

Slap Cup Drinking Game: What to Expect

Slap Cup (AKA Smack a Bitch) is a fast-paced, high-energy, hilarious drinking game for various size groups.  It is similar to Quarters Drinking Game, but has different equipment and a few twists that make it even more interesting!  It is also almost identical to Boom Cup, but involves a degree of extra mayhem due to one key difference!  Gather your drinking friends, hope you have a talent for bouncing Ping-Pong balls into cups, and let’s play some Slap Cup!

What You Need:

  • 3+ people (the more, the merrier)
  • A table you can bounce a ping-pong ball on
  • Beer
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • Solo Cups (approx. 20-30 depending on # of players—approx. 4 cups per player ideal)

Set it Up!

All players will gather around a table, close enough to pass Solo cups to one another.  2 cups should be left aside for gameplay, and the remaining cups should be arranged in a large circle at the center of the table.  To start this circle, fill one cup all the way up with beer.  This is the “death cup” and will be placed at the very center of the table.  All other cups should be placed around this cup, so that the death cup is at the center.  All cups except for the death cup should be filled with approximately 1/6-1/4  beer.

Once all center cups are filled, we are ready to go!  Two players, standing across from one another—or at least not directly next to one another—will start the game.  Each of these players should have 1 Solo Cup and 1 ping-pong ball.

Slap that Shiz!

Non-starting players will count down “3-2-1-Go!” Once they reach “Go!”, each of the two players with a Solo Cup and ping-pong ball will begin by attempting to bounce the ping-pong ball off of the table and into the Solo CupOnce making the ball into the cup, a player will pass the cup and ping-pong ball to the player on his/her left.  If a player bounces the ball into the cup on his FIRST attempt, he may choose which player he will pass the Solo Cup and ping-pong ball to.  If the ping-pong ball is bounced into the Solo Cup on any attempt except for the first, it will always be passed to the player on the left.

*Be mindful of the center cups when bouncing the ping-pong ball!  If a player accidentally bounces the ball into one of the beer cups in the center, they must stop bouncing, remove the ball, drink the cup they hit, placed the cup they drank on the ground, and resume play.

This continues until two players directly next to one another are in play at the same time. If the second player in the rotation makes it prior to the first, he will SLAP the first player’s cup off of the table and pass his cup to the left of the player he passed.  The player he passes his cup to can resume play immediately, but the player who fell behind (and had his cup slapped off of the table) must take a beer cup from the middle and drink it. Once he drinks this cup, it becomes his new bounce cup and he returns to play. Obviously, he will want to drink quickly to avoid getting passed again.  It is possible for the same person to get passed multiple times while drinking—he will need to pull a cup aside each time he is passed until he is able to drink all cups, bounce the ball in, and pass the cup and ball. 

Slap Cup Drinking Game Set-Up

Since cups are not stacked like they are in Boom Cup, the competition is even more intense!  All players are bouncing into a single cup; the playing field is level and you have to be on your game to catch up if you get passed!

When only the death cup remains at the center, the next player passed loses the game and must drink the death cup. Be extra careful when only the death cup remains!!

Slap Cup is very fast-paced and unrelenting, but it is also hilarious and addictive!  Set it up again and play as many games as you’d like!

**Pro tip: As mentioned before, bouncing the ping-pong ball into the cup on your first attempt earns you the right to choose who you will pass the cup and ping-pong ball to.  Most people will pass it to the player directly to the right or left of whoever is currently bouncing the other ping-pong ball.  That way, the pressure is on and someone usually ends up drinking! 

Try it Out!

That’s it for Slap Cup! Give it a try!  Slap Cup is an absolute blast; if you have a free-for-all area you can afford to get a little messy, enjoy the satisfaction of slapping those cups off of the table! If you think Slap Cup might be a little too messy for your game space, check out the Boom Cup instructions!  Boom Cup is practically the same game without the slaps. 

As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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