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The Office Drinking Game: All Seasons

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The Office Drinking Game: All Seasons

The Office Drinking Game: What to Expect

The Office is undoubtedly once of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.  If you have not yet watched it, that needs to change now!  If you are an Office fanatic looking for a fun new way to watch the show, you are in the right place!  The Office drinking game is the perfect way to appreciate and celebrate the quirks of all your favorite characters.  It also requires nothing except for a means to watch The Office episodes and some beverages!  The Office drinking game is a great activity for you and your friends on a chill night in, a rainy day, or any other time where you want to laugh and get your drink on! 

This guide is meant to be used for all seasons of the office.  It is spoiler-free and can be used by existing Office fans or newcomers.  If you do not mind spoilers and are looking to add even more drinking to the game, check out our season-specific guides! These guides have some episode and season-specific rules that can be played in addition to the rules in this guide.  WARNING: You will probably want to stick to this guide if you have not yet watched The Office and do not want to run into any spoilers.   Whether you are moving forward with this guide only or combining this guide with season-specific ones, it is time to round up a group, grab your favorite drink(s), and get started!

What You Need:

  • TV or other device to play The Office on
  • Shot glass(es)*
  • Hard liquor*
  • Beer (can sub cider, mixed drink, etc.)

*If you do not have shot glasses and/or hard liquor, no problem! You can adjust the rules to suit the booze and equipment you have on hand

Set Up!

Get comfortable, and keep the booze nearby!  Once you have a drink in hand, it’s time to play an episode of The Office!


Take a Drink When:

  • Jim pranks Dwight
  • Someone has a “one-on-one” clip with the camera and says nothing (but their face says everything)
  • You get to hear/see Kevin’s creepy laugh/smile
  • Angela rolls her eyes
  • Pam & Jim look at (or for) one another
  • Someone says something politically incorrect
  • Someone hates on Toby
  • Kelly talks about Ryan
  • Michael makes you cringe

Take 2 Drinks When:

  • Creed says something off the wall
  • Someone comments on Pam’s looks
  • Stanley is not having someone’ shit
  • Meredith is drinking
  • Jan makes an appearance
  • Oscar corrects someone
  • Scranton Strangler comes up
  • Dwight yells for Michael

Drink the entire time:

  • A conversation about beets is going on
  • Creed is talking
  • Moze is running

Take a Shot When:

  • Meredith is naked
  • Someone gets married
  • Someone has a baby

Chug & Finish Your Beer (or Drink) When:

  • A new manager is introduced
  • Someone has sex in the office
  • Someone makes a mess in the warehouse

Give out 2 drinks if you are the first person to notice:

  • Angela calls someone a slut/floozy/etc.
  • A Moze appearance
  • A client meeting begins

Notes on the Rules:

Feel free to adjust or scale back the drinking involved with the rules to a level you are comfortable with.  If you are planning on a long Office binge, this can result in a lot of drinking! 

If you do not have shotglasses, you can take a pull of liquor instead of shots.  If you do not have hard liquor, you can chug a designated amount of your beer instead.  Personalize the rules to your situation and preferences!

Try it Out!

That’s all, folks!  You can play the Office Drinking game for a single episode, or during an all-day binge!  Again, if you aren’t afraid of spoilers, check out our season-specific guides to add on some extra rules!  We hope you love the Office Drinking game as much as we do!

Have any suggestions for rules?  Is there anything that did or didn’t work really well for you?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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