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The Office Drinking Game: Season 6 Extra Rules

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The Office Drinking Game: Season 6 Extra Rules

The Office Drinking Game: Season 6 Extra Rules

This guide contains additional rules for Season 6 of The Office drinking game.  It contains spoilers for this season!  If you are looking for a spoiler-free drinking game for all seasons of The Office, check out The Office Drinking Game for all seasons. If you don’t mind the spoilers, you can combine the base guide rules with the additional rules in this guide to spice things up!  Not currently watching season 6?  Check out additional rules for all other seasons!

The Office is undoubtedly once of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.  If you have not yet watched it, that needs to change now!  If you are an Office fanatic looking for a fun new way to watch the show, you are in the right place!  The Office drinking game is the perfect way to appreciate and celebrate the quirks of all your favorite characters.  It also requires nothing except for a means to watch The Office episodes and some beverages!  If you are using this guide, you should be watching episodes from season 6.  Add the extra rules in this guide to the rules from the base guide for even more drinking and Office shenanigans!

What You Need:

  • TV or other device to play The Office on
  • Shot glass(es)*
  • Hard liquor*
  • Beer (can sub cider, mixed drink, etc.)

*If you do not have shot glasses and/or hard liquor, no problem! You can adjust the rules to suit the booze and equipment you have on hand

Set Up!

Get comfortable, and keep the booze nearby!  Once you have a drink in hand, it’s time to play an episode of The Office from Season 6!


Take a Drink:

  • Michael spreads an outrageous rumor (look out for episode 1!)
  • Jim makes moves as co-manager
  • Jo Bennet subtly insults someone
  • Sex contracts are made or acted upon
  • Michael lies

Take 2 Drinks:

  • Dwight tries to sabotage Jim’s role as co-manager
  • Michael is inappropriate with Pam’s mom (all of the ways)
  • Gabe fails an attempt at being an authority figure
  • Jim isn’t fully respected as manager

Drink the entire time:

  • Jim reveals Pam’s pregnancy & rambles
  • Nick the IT guy makes an appearance
  • Jim & Michael argue as co-managers

Take a Shot:

  • Andy tears his scrotum
  • Michael dresses up as Jesus
  • Erin finds out about Andy and Angela

Chug & Finish Your Beer (or Drink) When:

  • Jim and Pam get married
  • Creed thinks he is wanted for murder
  • Jim & Pam have their baby

Give out 2 drinks if you are the first person to notice:

  • Andy hits on (or tries to hit on) Erin
  • Pam & Jim are called while honeymooning
  • Jim upsets Michael

Notes on the Rules:

Feel free to adjust or scale back the drinking involved with the rules to a level you are comfortable with.  If you are planning on a long Office binge, this can result in a lot of drinking! 

If you do not have shotglasses, you can take a pull of liquor instead of shots.  If you do not have hard liquor, you can chug a designated amount of your beer instead.  Personalize the rules to your situation and preferences!

Try it Out!

That’s all for Season 6, folks!  Remember, these rules should be added to the rules for all seasons. A summary of those rules has been included in the graphic below:

The Office Drinking Game Rules

Once you have wrapped up Season 6, be sure to check out the rules for all other seasons!  Have any suggestions for rules?  Is there anything that did or didn’t work really well for you?  Let us know in the comments below!  We hope you love the Office Drinking game as much as we do!

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