Beer Bongs & Shot Skis – Party Fueler

Beer Bongs & Shot Skis

Drink your beer or hard liquor in style with our top-notch beer bongs and shot skis!

Looking for a classic beer bong? A bachelorette party beer bong? A balcony bong? A racing beer bong? A pocket-size bottle beer bong? A custom beer bong? Party Fueler has you covered on all of these, and more! Beer bongs are among the most timeless and hilarious party tools of all time, and we are here to make sure you get the beer bong of your dreams! 

Party Fueler shot skis are the real deal-- they are made from actual vintage skis!  Rank your preferred color scheme and pick from 3-5 person shot skis.  Shot skis are a must for birthdays, weddings, vacations, and just about any other party!

Bottoms up!