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Balcony Beer Bong (18 ft Beer Bong with Valve)

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Balcony Beer Bong Features:

  • 18 ft hose
  • Flow-Control On/Off Valve
  • Red Hose
  • Grey Funnel
  • Holds multiple beers

Balcony Beer Bong Description:

Ever done a beer bong being poured from the balcony above you? No? Well, now you can!

This insanely long beer bong has an 18 foot tube! That's right--it's about as tall as 3 of your tallest buddies stacked together! 

This high-quality beer bong has a flow-control valve to ensure you are fully prepared before your beer begins the long journey to your mouth.  

Going on vacation? You are sure to make some new friends if you bring this hot item with! Pour your buddy's beer bong from the balcony above him!



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