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Double Beer Bong (Racing Beer Bong)

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Double Beer Bong (Racing Beer Bong) Features:

  • 2 kink-resistant tubes
  • 2 Attached but divided funnels (to create a fair race)
  • Funnels hold 72 oz each! (6 beers)
  • Perfect for races!
  • Loop to hang funnels by
  • Handle to hold funnels with
  • Leak-Control Red Valves 
  • Pink funnels
  • Clear or pink tube options

Double Beer Bong (Racing Beer Bong) Description:

That's right, it's finally here! A double beer bong with two separate (but attached) funnels and tubes! Time to settle the score with this competition-style beer bong!

Each funnel on this beer bong holds 72 ounces, and each tube is exactly two feet. The playing field is level!

Think you can bong a beer faster than your buddy? Time to find out! Nothing spices up a party quite like a little competition.

Each tube features a leak-proof valve, and there is even a handle on the side of the beer bong for holding or a loop at the top by which you can hang the beer bong!

There are also level markings on the side of each funnel to ensure the competition is a fair one.

This beer bong is the perfect tailgating toy; just make sure you put the opposing team's fans to shame!

The Double Racing Beer Bong is made with high-quality materials here is the US. It is made to last, providing you with a party companion for life!


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