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Plastic Flasks- Clear, 2x 32oz, 2x 16oz, 2x 8oz Flasks with Funnel

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Plastic Flask Kit Key Features:

  • Made with food-grade BPA-free plastic (This means they won't be picked up by metal detectors!)
  • Flexible plastic material-- these can be stashed anywhere from your suitcase to your boot!
  • Premium quality: Puncture resistant exterior with a leak-proof cap, can be frozen for chilled beverages
  • Easy filling: Each kit comes with a funnel made to fit the spout!
  • Perfect on-the-go! Take them camping, on cruises, to concerts, to sporting events, and more!

Plastic Flask Kit Description:

Want to enjoy your favorite beverages on the go without spending a fortune? These easily hidden and reusable flasks are the way to go! Also known as rum runners or cruise flasks, these wonderful products are perfect for taking your booze UNDETECTED to concerts, festivals, ball games, and many other events.

This kit comes with 6 total flasks and a funnel: 2 x 32oz flasks, 2 x 16oz flasks, 2 x 8oz flasks, and one plastic funnel. The flasks are made from food-grade BPA-free plastics--that means they can sneak by metal detectors! These flasks will be your new best friend for cruises, concerts, festivals, sporting events, and all other venues! Their flexible exterior also means that they can easily be tucked away in your boot, in a bag, or in a suitcase!

These flasks are durable and can be reused. They also stand up when filled and can be frozen if you want your favorite beverages chilled!

Each flask has a leak-proof cap. Each kit also comes with a funnel to allow for smooth & easy pouring! These flasks can be folded and stored using minimal space when empty thanks to their flexible material.

We are confident these flasks will become your new best friend!

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