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Bottle Beer Bong

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Bottle Beer Bong Features:

  • Beer bong for bottles
  • Pocket-sized for easy travel
  • Comes with Instruction card
  • Super easy to use
  • Clear tube
  • Black straw


Bottle Beer Bong Description:

Do you love drinking out of bottles, but hate the fact that you can't shotgun them?  Love beer bongs, but hate having to carry them around? 

The game has changed! The bottle beer bong is the answer to all of your problems! (Or at least some very important ones).  

Thanks to the bottle beer bong, you can drink bottles (cause you're classy AF) AND participate in shenanigans such as randomly bonging your beer.  What a wonderful world!!

The bottle beer bong is small enough to fit in your pocket, thus giving you the power to go anywhere in the world and be able to bong your beer bottle at a moment's notice! Tailgate? Spring break? festival? parade? daughter's second birthday party? This little guy will be here for you no matter where you are; this kind of power seldom finds its way into our hands!

The bottle beer bong is easy to use:

  1. Insert the black straw in bottle
  2. Secure the clear tube on top of the bottleneck 
  3. Bong your beer!

The bottle beer bong comes with an instruction card to ensure your first use goes smoothly. Enjoy!






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